Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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Hair had a starring role in the campaign. The Conservative’s dominant attack ad targeted well-coiffed Liberal leader Justin Trudeau as not ready to lead, ending with a dismissive “nice hair, though”Canada Goose Jackets Online  line. Trudeau at the age of 43 is much younger than his two main opponents — Harper is 56 and NDP leader Tom Mulcair 60 — and doesn’t appear to have their graying issues.

The issue drew in Canada’s biggest literary star, Margaret Atwood, who waded into “#hairgate” in a national newspaper column, pointing out it is the prime minister, not well-maned rival Trudeau, who campaigns with a hair stylist in tow.

On the eve of the election, the Liberals returned to the theme with a cartoon ad titled “Your Guide to Canadian Political Hair” that stressed that it doesn’t matter what hairstyle Trudeau has, his platform would be the same.

The Conservatives tried other ways to suggest that Trudeau may be too inexperienced to govern. Harper’s spokesman Canada Goose Jackets Online Store  Kory Teneycke even told the Canadian Press in an interview before one leaders’ debate that if Trudeau “comes on stage with his pants on, he will probably exceed expectations.” Supporters also got their 15 minutes of fame. An elderly Conservative made headlines and caused a Twitter storm as he launched an expletive-filled rant at TV reporters grilling Harper.

And a man in a bathrobe became an enduring mystery after he popped up during a controversy at a private Toronto men’s  Cheap Canada Goose Parka club. Finance Minister Joe Oliver had just cancelled a speech at the club after a furore about its exclusion of women from membership, and Liberal MP Chrystia Freeland was speaking to reporters in the club’s foyer, when Bathrobe Guy suddenly appeared in the club’s foyer in the midst of it all and hovered for the cameras. He has never been identified.

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On the Hult farm son Ron and grandson Josh have finished combining. They were done just before this last rain. Grain is in bins and the elevator. Curtis is done combining and the grain is in the elevator. Trucks are coming next week to haul it away. Son-in-law Canada Goose Outlet Roland is not done baling. He has about a day left. There sure are a lot of bales. I see bales and more bales all over the country. Feed moving equipment is going to be busy. Frank is finished the canola here where I live and is probably totally finished by now. Bradley has two-thirds the green feed in the hills cut. The canola is still standing, sprayed, dead ripe and waiting for the fleet. It will probably be done by the time you read this.

There was some farm land on the pasture I sold Greg and Mike. They seeded it to barley and cut it for green feed. They have it baled and hauled it home. The hills are starting to look bleak as the leaves are falling off the trees. People look at the fall colours and prattle on and on about how beautiful all those orange and yellow colours are. I don’t like it, to me that’s death. I like it when everything is green. I guess I have to wait another six months for the cycle to come around again.

In the countryside I see a few guys hurrying to finish combining. Not many combines still running. I see other activities. I see guys putting on anhydrous. That’s what farmer do to inject nitrogen into the soil to fertilize the crop for next year. I see some heavy harrows running. That spreads and breaks up the straw from the last crop so the seeding operation in the spring can put the seed and fertilizer into the ground without plugging the seeder machine and the new crop can come up easier. I did a lot of heavy harrowing when I used to farm. I am a heavy harrow believer. I see some pea fields have been worked just to make it easier to sort through the stubble and seed in the spring. Those fields look nice Canada Goose Sale Online  to an old fossil like me who believes black is good. There is no satisfaction to spraying a field and waiting a week to see if it worked. A combination of spray and tillage will keep your soil warm and ready to go for next year.

By the time you read this the attack ads will be over, the goose has been cooked, the fat lady will have sung and Stephen Harper may or may not be prime minister of Canada. Maybe Mr. Trudeau will have to be ready. This election race has been closer than a Blue Jays playoff game. I am sick of the campaign. I wish it to be over. The public are worn out from all the campaigning. The candidates are looking tired and are wishing it were over. Even the media doesn’t seem to have the same enthusiasm. Some in the media are blatantly Canada Goose Jacket cheer leading for Trudeau. First, when it looked like Mulcair, was winning they were on his side. He could do no wrong. Then he slips a little in the poles and they quickly jump on the Trudeau bandwagon. How can we ever expect fair and honest reporting with guys like that in there. Well, thank God it is over. Looks like Mulcair will slip to third place.

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For the past few seasons, Canada Goose outlet online leather trim has added edge to formal wool coats. But now, leather detailing is de rigueur for most styles. In other words, it’s not just for jackets and boots anymore.

“We’re seeing a lot of leathers,” says Rocher. “Lots of leather trims; a couple lines do the leather belts. Even on our downs you see the little bits of leather trim.”
Other finishes that are on-trend? Fur (both real and faux) continues to be huge, especially when lining collars or hoods. Plaid linings are becoming a thing (“Plaid is in clothing and it’

The bar has good wines by the glass and Cheap Canada Goose Jackets local Steam Whistle beer on tap and the boutique menu features bison sliders, crab cakes, peppers stuffed with quinoa and black bean purée, chicken and andouille sausage gumbo, and, a nod to Quebec, poutine.

The concert and game nights at Air Canada are crazy, but so much fun at Play, before and after the action. Madonna was on stage a few weeks ago, Paul McCartney plays Oct. 17, The Who on Oct. 19, NBA’s Raptors on the Oct. 18 and 28, and the Toronto Maple Leafs on the Oct. 26 and 31.

Inspired by pro sports, the hotel’Canada Goose Outlet s event spaces are named the Offensive Zone, the Defensive Zone and the new All-Star Room, an ultra-modern venue for weddings or meetings.

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